Puppets made for other productions and companies

These puppets were made for Off Book Theatre’s production of Puck of Pook’s Hill in 2013

Puck, the oldest Old Thing in England


Puck the shape shifting fairy   








Romans verus Picts

Occasionally I get asked to build puppets for other theatre companies and amateur groups. Some of these are shown below.

A set of four dwarf puppets built for Bitesize Theatre’s productions of Snow White a few years ago….actually, I built them two sets…in eight weeks….it was exhausting. If I was awake, I was sewing!

Snow White Bitesize Theatre
The Seven Dwarves
XP – the IT expert
Fragile (Falls apart – he gets blown up a lot)
Sally and Ally the terrible twins



XP and Fragile








Chinese Dragon built for the Riverside Players’ show Jason and the Argonauts 2011

Dragon Snake in Jason & The Argonauts

Dragon Snake Head on pole for Dragon Dance







                                                                                                 Dragon Snake Costume

Marley’s Ghost,  for the Riverside Players’ production of A Christmas Carol

This required four operators and the head arms and body to separate into different parts of the stage.




The golems from Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay, built for the Abergavenny Theatre Group


King Golem                                                                        Battle


Dorfl – Golem for sale






One last make – a baked potato costume to be used in a film series that my nephew, Adam Smith of Hidden Art Films, was making.