Puppet commission!

I’m delighted to say I have just been commissioned to build a couple of puppets for Neston Players exciting production of Goodnight Mr Tom in November. I’m going to be building a lifesize, and fairly active, border collie and a small animated squirrel. Let battling with fluff commence!

Once that’s done, I’ll be creating a range of sci-fi related puppets for my own new show as a storyteller – Time Tale Tales. I think that should keep me busy for a few months.

Skill Swopping!

Having tackled a number of large puppet building theatrical projects in recent in recent years, for Ramshackle Theatre, Off Book Theatre and Bitesize Theatre, I’m currently working on some smaller projects.

One of the problems with working in the arts is that you appreciate the work of other artists, but don’t have much money available to purchase their pieces.  Last year I found a fantastic way round this….by skill swapping!

I loved the work of a local artist, and he liked mine, so we arranged for me to build a puppet of his choice, in exchange for a limited edition print. He chose a Crow as his puppet….not an easy one for me to build, as he liked the sinister aspect of the bird, it’s finger-like wing feathers. The bird took a while to build, but he liked it so much he insisted on giving  me two prints. Who needs cash?













Now I’m working on another exchange project, with someone else who’s work I admire…..so I’m currently wrestling with a very quirky dinosaur. Unlike the ones I made last summer, which needed to be as realistic as possible for The Great Victorian Dinosaur Hunt, this is part realistic and part fantastical….a lovely combination to work on……