About the Puppetmaker

A short biography for the curious (or bored!)….Or “how do you end up doing something like this?”

Fiona Angwin has always made things, but usually fitted this creative streak into a working life which juggles being an actress, a zoologist, a writer, a bat worker and occasionally a drama workshop leader and environmental educationalist! (How’s that for a mixed job description?)

As much of her theatre work has been in TIE (Theatre in Education), she found that puppets are terribly useful props, and that children (and many adults) love them. In trawling the net for puppets for new productions, she found that although there are some fabulous puppets out there, a number of the puppet characters she needed were not available. She therefore started making her own puppets, and is now beginning to offer her professional puppet creations for sale. She hopes that you’ve enjoyed visiting this site, and find something on it that appeals to you. If you’re after a specific creature or character, just ask….commissions accepted. Touchstone Puppets is now based in South Wales, but can post puppets to anywhere!

To ask about commissions contact fiangwin@hotmail.com