Most of these puppets are not for sale , but similar ones can be commissioned. (The Green Man Full-Body Puppet and The Christmas Angel Puppet are both for sale). The Doctor Who puppet, Kate from Ave Q, and Suggs were all built as gifts and none of them can be bought as it would be a breach of copyright.

                                                           Sand Fairy Puppet

Kate Monster from Ave Q – made as a gift!



Weimaraner Puppet – Commission


Christmas Angel – rear view
Christmas Angel


Vampire – heart of stone (hidden)
Vampire – Heart showing




Green Man Mask / Plaque
The 11th Doctor
The Doctor (made as a gift)

    Mermaid Puppet

Green Man Puppet receiving the People’s Choice Award at the Aardvark Galley in Chester


Alien Puppet


Green Man






Basilisk Puppet


The Spirit of Christmas Present
Close up of Ignorance and Want
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come
Creepy Rag Doll Puppet
Sticking her tongue out

Devil Puppet
Medusa and Gargoyle Puppets


Gargoyle Puppet

Medusa Puppet
The Mummy
The Sphinx
Marley’s Ghost

                     Diictodon Puppet operated by actor Daniel Jeffrey


Pink Monster
Phynodderee (Manx Troll)


Suggs Puppet, with Heads

 William Shakespeare

Ferdinand from The Tempest







Puppets Christmas Party

CupCake Puppets


Bat Finger Puppet





Teapot Puppet


Small Chinese Dragon


Behind the Sofa CosPlay Puppet

Photo by Simon Dunkerley