Puppets for Theatrical Productions – Fantastical Creatures

These Fantastical Creatures were created for one of Ramshackle Theatre’s productions, Ramshackle’s Fantastical Forest Woodland Walk, in which audiences were lead through woodlands in search of strange and wonderful characters.

(Images show Daniel Jeffrey and Fiona Angwin with creatures from the show).

This is Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the entrance to the Underworld. This is a half-body costume, with the three heads being operated by the wearer’s head and hands.

Cerberus the three headed dog


                                         Hear is the Count running a Vampire Master Class


This is Baba Yaga’s Chicken Leg Cottage, from the Russian Folktale.
It’s a composite piece, with the cottage, and pestle and mortar built around the bought witch puppet….and the little ravens on the roof can all rotate.







Here is the Psammead, or Sand Fairy, granting wishes.
This is a Russian Fairy…a Leshiye…It can disguise itself as an old man (or a wolf or an owl). (The Leshiye puppet is double ended…on the back of the ‘old man’s’ head are fixed the faces of a wolf and an owl, while the end with the Leshiye’s head is fully operational)












Final glimpse of the green man as we leave the forest

Again none of these are for sale but similar items can be commissioned Contact fiangwin@hotmail.com